What is Gadget’s Protector ?

Gadgets Protector provides you an ultra-clear and ultra-tough scratch protection that suits your electronic devices and also without changing the original look. we provide Total-Body Scratch Protection. Normal screen protector is only for the screen but the Gadgets Protector, protects the screen and whole device with super smooth skins and gives slightly rubber feel.


Why Gadgets Protector is different from other protector’s ?

Normal screen protectors will not give Total Body Protection it will be applied only on the screen but, Gadgets Protector™ skins are virtually invisible Total Body Protection covers screen, back and all sides and that does not detract from a gadget appearance (protects without disturbing the original appearance).


Is Gadget’s Protector is removal after being Installed ? Will it leave behind any Residue ?

Removing Gadgets Protector skin from your device is very easy. Just start from one corner and slowly peel back like a sticker. Residue? No it will not leave any residue after removing, your device will be non-sticky and as clean as before Gadgets Protector was installed.


Can i Remove The Back Cover of my device after Applying the Gadgets Protector ?

Yes you can open it as before as you do after installing the Gadgets Protector.


After Gadget’s Protector Installation, Is it Going to Affect Sensitivity of Touch Screen ?

Gadgets Protector will not disturb the sensitivity of touch screens, and  also help reduce the appearance of fingerprints on your devices.


I Can’t Find Gadget’s Protector Skin’s for my device what can i Do ?

Just contact us through mail with your device model details, we let you know.


How do I place my Order ?

You can place the order online through our website,  as soon as your payment is confirmed you will receive a confirmation email from us.


Payment Method Supported ?

Payments are processed through the highly secure payment gateways. We support Visa and MasterCard credit cards, Debit Cards and Net Banking of all major banks.


Shopping On Our Website is Safe ?

100% safe, Your payment information is processed through the highly secured servers. We ensure the maximum safety for your payment credentials.


What is the Shipping Cost ?

No charges! We provide free shipping!


What Can i do if i didn’t receive my Gadgets Protector Skin ?

If you not received you product with in 3-10 days,  just send us the mail with the order number, our customer care officer will contact you immediately.


How to Install Gadgets Protector ?

Please read our Installation Instructions before starting to install. You will find the Installation Instructions attached with the product pack or visit our webpage to read Installation Instructions. http://gadgetsprotector.in/installation/


Cancellation and Returns ?

After booking the product you can cancel the order with in an hour, so we can stop shipping the product, and refund your amount. If you wan’t to return the product after receiving, just send back to us without any damage, we will refund your money, but the shipping chargers will be detected.