Congratulations Now Your Going to install World Best Scratch Protection!

Please read all the given instruction before you start to install.


  • Make sure your hand is clean before the installation.
  • Clean the device with a lint-free cloth, which removes any dust or fingerprints,
    and switch off.


  • Take a shallow dish with 300ml of water and mix a shampoo solution thoroughly 3-4 drops (baby shampoo recommended). Avoid detergents or washing soaps. For Big skins, Example: Tablets or Laptops use larger volume of water/shampoo in apt ratio.
  • Small card ( Debit and Credit card preferable )
  • A small bit of lint-free cloth.


  • Before removing the skins wet all your fingers with the soap solution and starting from a corner remove slowly and carefully without stretching it.
    Tip: Always Keep your fingers wet to avoid fingerprints and begin with the larger pieces first.
  • Dip the removed piece into the soap solution fully, take it out and remove all the extra solution by sliding your fingers along the shield. Avoid fingerprints on the sticky side. Make sure every part of the sticky side is wet so that the skin doesn’t fold up or stick to itself.
  • Apply the skin With the adhesive side facing down, carefully align the top, bottom, and sides of the Gadgets protector to the area of your device. Be sure to note that cut outs for buttons and speakers are centered and aligned. If it is not aligned perfectly, quickly lift the skin up and try again.
  • If you are not okay with the alignment of a particular piece, remove it slowly and wet it in solution and stick it again until you satisfied with the alignment.
  • Use your fingers first and then Wrap a lint-free cloth in the Small card ( Debit and Credit card preferable ) and remove the excess solution and bubbles under the film away from the center and towards the edges.
  • Wait for 5-10 minutes and start squeezing again with card. Use small piece of cloth and absorb all the excess solution. Start pressing down all the side flaps with enough pressure so that they stick down on the device.


  • Once all the portions are installed, keep your device SWITCHED OFF for 4-5 hrs to let the film set and all the left over moisture to dry out.
  • After 4-5 hrs, the shield will dry out and you can start using your device


After the installation, you may see small-bubbles streaks, and imperfectionson. Your screen and the device might look fuzzy. Don’t be tensed After 2 to 3 days it will automatically disappear.

Gadgets Protector skin Installation Video

Gadgets Protector skin Removal

  • Find a suitable corner on the device to begin removing the film.
  • Peel it very slowly.
  • Select a different corner of the device and Peel it very slowly until the film is completely removed on the device.